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     NASA Time Travel Research . . . An armed conflict between East and West over water rights . . . A confluence of Ancient Mythology, Science and Faith   


    Do you have an interest in:




   THE SOUTHWEST-------with its majestic landscapes and cultures?


   THE ANASAZI-------------a prehistoric Native American lost civilization?


   CHACO CANYON--------home to ancient Native Americans?


   TIME TRAVEL-------------a serious, scientific approach by NASA?


   CLIMATE CHANGE------is it abnormal or cyclical?


   ANCIENT MYSTERIES--the Great Pyramids?


   STAR KNOWLEDGE------celestial lore of ancient peoples?


   UFOs-------------------------what if those who fly them are not little green men?


   PANGAEA------------------the 200-million-year-old supercontinent?



Then you'll enjoy all three books in the Ancient Secrets . . . Lost in Time series. The First Migration, The Lost Portal and The Spirit Gate are each free standing stories that explore these concepts. A brief overview of each novel is presented below:




Dwy Stewart, son of Darren and Tracey, searches for his parents who are long

overdue to return from a time travel expedition to Chaco Canyon in Northwestern

New Mexico. They departed three years before to visit the Anasazi culture during

its peak in the 1300s.


Dwy employs the help of NASA's Associate Administrator, Moira K. Lambert, in

an attempt to contact his missing parents with the use of a prototype ansible -- a

device used to communicate across vast spans of time -- being developed by the



The attempts are unsuccessful, and Dwy fears the worst when he discovers a piece

of a hand-carved tombstone near Chaco that has his mother's birth date on it. 






An extended drought on the Western Slope of the Continental Divide triggers an

armed conflict between the East and the West over water rights. Tracey is called

to serve on a presidential commission to find solutions, none without major

downside risks.


Jackson Davis, CEO of Western Slope Pipeline, despite objections, is building an

underground line to take water from the Ogallala Aquifer east of the Rocky 

Mountains and pipe it to western reservoirs.


Dwy, the son of Darren and Tracey, flies a pipeline patrol over a hazardous section

of the line and his small plane is shot down by vigilante Texans. Darren solicits the

help of Dwy's aircraft mechanic, a Hopi shaman, to search for the downed craft.






Darren Stewart, Director of NASA's time travel research program, oversees the  

construction of a huge facility in the White Sands area of New Mexico. The

program is top secret and is a high priority government effort being developed to

counter a potential threat from a time anomaly discovered in the Antarctic a few

years before.


Darren hosts a visit by Tracey Loring, the president's press secretary, and the two

of them soon fall into an intimate relationship, despite being poles apart in

political ideology and backgrounds.


Before the project is fully tested, Darren is kidnapped by an emissary from an

ancient civilization who wants him to cause the experiment to fail.  Refusing to

comply, Darren is taken back 200 million years to the supercontinent, Pangaea,

and held hostage.


With the full support of the president, Tracey assembles a skeleton crew, activates

the project for an attempt to rescue Darren, hoping to broker a peaceful resolution

to the conflict between the two civilizations.











































    The Anasazi, also known as the "Ancient Ones" or even the "Ancestral Puebloans," are an

   archaeological enigma. They "showed up" in the Four Corners area of the Southwest at about

   the time of Christ, origins unknown. They thrived for more than a thousand years, first in the

   desert valleys, then in cliff dwellings before disappearingleaving only rock carvings

   called petroglyphs as clues to their fate.
















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