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     NASA Time Travel Research . . . An armed conflict between East and West over water rights . . . A confluence of Ancient Mythology, Science and Faith









Two stellar gates known in antiquity are the Gate of God

and the Gate of Man. They are located on opposite sides of

the Zodiac on the intersection of the galactic and ecliptic planes.





The Anasazi at Chaco Canyon are making preparations to enter

the "Fifth World," a rebirth that will take them to a better place.





The Anasazi are being studied by time travelers interested in

learning the cause of their enigmatic disappearance. Atop

Fajada Butte, Aaron Eaglecloud, a Hopi shaman is confronted

by Cheveyo, an ancient Chacoan native, in a shamanic duel.

Gaining Cheveyo's respect, Aaron learns the plans of the

legendary Star People.





Another one of the time travelers, Professor Jane Bowen, is

studying the celestial alignments of the Chaco buildings, searching

for the "Spirit Gate" through which the Star People plan to lead 

the Anasazi into the "Fifth World." She finds it atop Pueblo Bonito

but is caught trespassing on a sacred shrine, putting  her life and

the lives of her fellow crew members lives at risk.








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The First Migration




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The First Migration is a novel about time travel. Set in the great American Southwest, the story is about NASA’s time travel research that leads to the discovery of the missing link to our human origins.







Author Daniel Logan believes there is a time/space connection in the Southwest. The First Migration brings that connection to life. Logan takes key elements for which he has a passion and weaves them into a compelling adventure, using the majestic landscapes of the area as a backdrop for the story.










These vistas offer timeless records of the spirits of the rich cultures that have lived there. From the ethereal monoliths at Monument Valley—










             To the sacred shrine of the Rainbow Bridge arch—









                          To the ancient Acoma Pueblo atop a mesa—










To the mystical, wind-blown dunes at White Sands where the adventure begins.









At the story’s center, a man and a woman, each in high-profile careers, fall in love with each other. Darren Stewart is director of NASA’s project and Tracey Loring is the president’s deputy press secretary. The two develop a relationship that begins with a weekend in Santa Fe.








They take a thrilling journey through time on the trail of the Anasazi, a prehistoric, Native American, lost civilization. Their travel leads them to a time long ago, where they unravel the mystery of the Great Pyramids and the enigmatic UFOs before discovering our true ancestors.







Dr. Darren Stewart is director of NASA’s thirty-mile-diameter project under construction in the White Sands region of New Mexico. Called Project TIME, it is said by one of the characters to resemble “a giant, modern-day Stonehenge.” The facility’s public purpose is time travel research.








But Dr. Stewart knows a major government secret. Three years before, two members of a

U.S. geophysical team at the South Pole became lost in a strange and violent storm. During a lull in the storm, they observed the lights of a large city and aircraft overhead.









Trapped by the storm, the men were ultimately rescued. But they noticed in their debriefing that each of their watches indicated the exact same wrong time.



(Find out what the men discovered and what the president of the United States was forced to do about it—Read the Book!)







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